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Check your Requirements to
Find what do you Exactly Need


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See below the Certificates that you may need to confirm that our products are made following the official requirements. Our Certificates are made from DIN, Home Compost TUV, and Home Industrial TUV.

Ready to be sent to Final Client.


Our Compostable Pallet Wrap is fully made from 100% biodegradable and compostable and will be fully degraded into CO2 and water under composting condition. It Will be strong enough than any other Pallet Wrap or Cling Wrap.

Please see below the possible Customization Solutions for your Pallet Wrap or for your Cling Wrap.

Customization solution
Thickness Range 10-30 microns
Width range 30-60 cm
Length range 15m-10000m
Packaging choice in roll with paper core
100% compostable and biodegradable
Good self stickiness, no glue
Excellent performance for pallet wrapping

What Type of Film are you looking for?

Once you know what you need everything is easier. Please choose for the right type of Film attending your requirements. Do you need Stretch Film (for Pallets or Industrial Use) Bags or Cling Film (for Food)?

Why you Should Make Order to Us?

Please see below a list of just some of the most important advantages that you may get if you give us your trust and make an order to us.

We Accept Orders from 50 Rolls

Our orders can be from a minimum amount of 50 rolls. There is no maximum amount to make order as the bigger it is we just need to update the shipping method.

Delivered in 30 days

Once you confirm the Details of your order you will have it delivered to you in the shortest time as possible. No more than 3 days if we have it available in Stock. In case we need to make it the delivery date should be 4-5 weeks.

Unique Compostable Composition Film

You can Choose Width, Length and Thickness

Many Payment Solutions Available

International Shipping

Different Type of Sizes Available

Delivery in Shortest Time in Each Country

Free International Phone Calls to Speak with Us

Available Samples to be Sent

After we have your order ready we will ship it to you with international logistic partners to make sure you receive it as soon as possible.

Fast service

Once the payment is completed our team will start producing your design and will be ready in less than 3 weeks. During the process we will be in close touch with you to make sure the final product is exactly what you need.

Land, Sea & Air Delivery

Depending on the final address where you want products to be shipped we will check which is the quickest route so you can get your products as soon as possible.

Cheap Delivery

Delivery will depend on the amount of ordered bags and the weight of the boxes. Our team will quickly check it and give final invoice with Shipping included.

Expert Team Assistance

If During the delivery there is something that needs to be changed we can do it if our Customer Care Team can reach you.

About us

Our more than 7 Years of Experience Creating Stretch and Cling Films has made us expertise in this Industry and it makes easy for us to Speak with Client and Find Out what the Client Needs and What can We Improve in his order.


Unique Experience and Recommendations

We will Keep you Updated with any update on the Production and Delivery of Your Order. We are aware that you need to be informed about the status at every stage of the order.

Expert Team Assistance

Professional Assistance, High Quality Bags with Great Results are our well-known qualities.